why burn or bury ? instead donate them
drushti daan eyebank

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EYE Donor


Activities : Awareness


Public Awareness programmes on eye donation and eye banking: 

  • Audiovisual meetings at various forums like schools, colleges, Govt offices, Banks, Corporate houses, Multi-storied apartments.

  • Rallies by students both school and college and eminent personalities of the state.

  • Poster and hoarding displays at prominent places conveying the messages on eye donation.

  • Street plays performed in the slums of Bhubaneswar, with eye donation theme in local language. 

  • Publicity through print and electronic media.

  • Production of documentary and short films with famous Oriya cine artists – aired in the television channels and for the public to view

  • Distribution of informative brochures and leaflets - Public places, religious gatherings, hospitals, private and community gatherings, Shopping Malls,railway stations, bus stand, schools , colleges, offices, banks etc.

  • Observation of National Eye Donation fortnight during 25th August to 8th September every year.




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